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Building relationships that build
businesses & communities

At Building Trades Network, we build and nurtures relationships for referral and bid prospects; share continuing education and best practices; and work together to better our communities through volunteer and outreach opportunities.

With two chapters in Orange County, BTN is specifically designed to meet the needs of contractors and other building professionals on a local level, with valuable resources available for our members. Since inception, BTN’s members have referred each other more than $4.5 M in business and continues to promote a more ethical and mutually beneficial industry.


Building Trades Network has three main goals:

1. To provide a forum for building trades and design professionals to build relationships and refer project and bid opportunities
2. To help educate members on best business practices
3. To provide help within our local communities through volunteer and outreach opportunities


By joining Building Trades Network, you’ll become a valuable resource to other industry professionals, while benefitting from their knowledge and experience as well. Weekly breakfast meetings ensure members get to know each other well and become reliable sources for advice and referrals.
Each BTN chapter is open to only one member from each trade (plumbing, electrical, general contracting, etc.), allowing the chapters and members to avoid competition and maximize the network’s symbiosis.
As a BTN member, you’re accountable to other chapter members and the organization. Founded on principles of honesty and ethics, BTN members are expected to honor contracts and complete work in a timely manner. This allows all members to benefit from referrals they can trust to do the job right.

BTN members develop a simple introduction to share with others regarding their affiliation with the network, letting people know they belong to a group that provides them with access to vetted and trustworthy specialists for referral.

As a BTN member, you recognize that chapter growth is the easiest way to ensure the ongoing success of the network; the more BTN members, the bigger our reach for opportunities from which all our members will benefit.



In 2010, general contractor Paul McKelvey created Building Trades Network to increase project opportunities for his business and sub-contractors. Paul’s vision was to create an organization specifically designed to meet the needs of contractors and other building trades professionals.

BTN not only provides networking opportunities for referral business and bids, but also empowers members to share best practices and industry education and to collaborate on volunteer and community outreach opportunities. Since its inception, BTN members have referred each other more than $4.5 M in business.

Additionally, through membership in BTN, builders and trade professionals benefit from a resource center specifically designed for building professionals. This includes mini storage, office space, fleet parking, conference space and temporary workstations.


How do I join Building Trades Network?2022-07-21T13:14:35-07:00

Fill out the application and attend a meeting, pretty simple. You will be happy you did!

What are the goals of BTN as an Organization?2022-07-21T13:14:01-07:00

The founders had a vision. To bring together professionals in the housing industry who are like minded, licensed and bonded, are character first people who are looking to grow their business through networking with people they like and feel comfortable referring all with giving back to the community as our common passion.

What does it cost to join?2022-07-21T13:13:19-07:00

We have a $500 annual fee to join BTN and there is a small monthly chapter fee of around $20 a month to pay for the meeting room and coffee. We don’t believe in serving breakfast at our 7am meetings. It costs members more money, it takes more time, and frankly, it detracts from what we are trying to accomplish as a group. Get in and get out and get on with your busy day.

What is the non-profit side of Building Trades Network?2022-07-21T13:12:56-07:00

We are a non-profit organization registered as Building Trades Network Community Outreach Foundation and we have worked very closely with different veteran groups for the past several years including Furnishing Hope for our returning wounded warriors, we also help at large events that offer care and education to homeless vets, we have given clothing, food, blankets and Christmas gifts to the homeless the local community, we have contributed thousands of pounds of food to the Orange County Food Bank and we are now heavily involved with Mercy House which is a wonderful organization helping mothers and children giving them a safe and clean place to live as they transition to permanent housing.

What makes Building Trades Network different from other networking groups?2022-07-21T13:12:31-07:00

We are professionals who only work in the residential and commercial building industry. Other network groups often have multiple level marketing businesses that try to sell directly to its members. We believe when we grow our relationships though weekly meetings, events, mixers and our non- profit work we are actually building trust and better understanding of each member. We really get to know their business ethics, knowledge, experience and specialties making it far easier to refer to them to other contractors, trades people, clients, family, neighbors and friends.

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