This week I am going to elaborate on the hand written thank you note, mainly why and how.

Reasons to use hand written thank you note:

  1. A client has a tendency to hang on to the thank you note. Some may even go so far as to display it in a prominent place.
  2. Thank you notes to clients who make monthly payments are more likely to to pay on time.
  3. It helps cement the bond between you and your client. To keep their business as well as their referrals.
  4. Clients will feel confident in referring you because you will treat their referral with the same care as you do them.

As effective as a hand written thank you note is, why isn't everyone writing them? The fact is excuses come easy. “I am lousy with words”, “I don't know what to say”, “What if they think I am weird?”. When faced with doing something different, it is in human nature to avoid it.

The only solution is “Action”. You do it until it isn't, different. You do it until it is your new normal. Make a decision to write one a day or one a week, until it becomes a profitable habit.

If you are new at this, you may struggle a bit at first, so here are some guide lines.


First and foremost, get the clients name correct. This one simple rule just kept it out of the round file.


Second, keep it simple. For those of you that may find this a challenge, keeping to the basics will help you until this is second nature to you.

Last meeting

Next write about the last time you had met. “I enjoyed the seminar.” or “It was a pleasure speaking with you at our luncheon.” Keep it short.

Why your writing

Then mention why you are writing. “I appreciated your insight…” or “Your input was greatly needed…”

Thank you

Now, it is time to express your thanks properly. “Thank you.”, “I think Thanks are in order.”, “Thank you from the crew and I”, “Thank you and I hope to see you soon”. There are many ways to say thank you.


If you look at my emails, you will find I almost always use “Sincerely” in my closing. Keep it professional and appropriate. “Regards”, “Best wishes”, “Respectfully yours”, are all good.

Don't use closings like, “See Ya!” and “Later dude!”


For new contacts or clients use your full name and enclose a business card, close or longtime clients use your first name. But always use your full name on the return address on the envelope.

Just a few sincere sentences is all that is necessary to be effective. But when it comes to "Thank You's", you don't get credit for trying.

A thank you is not a thank you if it is not heartfelt and genuine.

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