The economy goes through cycles.  Those of you who can think back to the last recession or two or three, may recall that each time seemed a little different.  But was it? 

What have we learned from past experiences?  We know that a recession never lasts forever, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is the finger pointing and the people complaining about wages, companies laying off.  Then there is a shake-out of businesses and foreclosures.  Then there is a period of great prosperity to follow for a good seven to ten years.

So what really changed?  It was us.  We changed.   We have the capacity to change and to adapt to learn from our past.   Our mind won't let us think and make decisions the way we did when we were 20 or 30 years old.  That is why each time seems a bit different. 

Well here is one other thing I have noticed.  During each recession there are always some people, who do well.  Dare I say, they in fact thrive.

These are people who, while competitors are singing the blues, they are talking about the opportunities to be had.  They are finding business where their competitors couldn't.

There is old adage… Misery loves roofers dublin company.  

What possible good can come of it.  Most people don't care how bad your business is doing.  The ones that do, are glad that they are doing better than you!

But make the best of what you have, show someone an opportunity or be a little optimistic and people will notice.  It is in our DNA.  They will have no choice but to be drawn to you .    

Referrals will keep your business afloat through hard times and soaring during good times. 

I know I can't control Wall Street, or my competitors or the weather or economy.  But what I can control is attitude and outlook.  

I challenge you, to refuse to get caught up in all the negativity.  Learn better networking skills and grow your business by “Networking” not “Commiserating”

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