Today I just want to go over some observations about the Home Show.  We were out there promoting the BTN Network, looking for home owners with a project and contractors who may want to come visit our group. 

I am sure that Paul will compile the numbers and give us some tangible results.  What got me excited was watching everyone touting not only their product or services but others as well.  You could almost call it “Speed Networking”.

It's kind of funny, people would walk by with no interest, but I would slip them a card and a smile and say, “we a just a great group of guys who meet every week”.   Even as they were being pulled away by their spouse or kids, you could see the curiosity in their eye.  I guess it was refreshing to hear that instead of buy this product or buy that product.

The term “network” gets tossed around these days and can mean anything from a computer network, a security network, a shipping network and so on.

BNI, one of the largest networks, has been around since '85 while Facebook has only been around since 2004.  BTN embraces the new networking, Facebook and LinkedIn and such, but it is networking in the “true” sense of the word, is at the core of BTN. 

That core is a great group of Guys (and girls), professionals at their trade, who take pride in their work.  Meeting once a week to freely trade leads and hold each other to higher standards.

The other part of BTN's “true networking” is, our coffee breaks, getting to know each other in the group, knowing their products or services.  The Home Show was like coffee break central. 

Whether you were listening to Randy Johnson or Linda Herdman or Brian Powers or Ken Sisneros or any of the other members of BTN talking with people about their products, it was clear that everyone came away learning about someone else in the group

That alone makes our group stronger and in my eyes a very successful Home Show.

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