I was thinking about the Dodgers and the Angels and started thinking about the teams, how they did last year and the expectations for the year ahead.  

Then I started thinking about the word, 'TEAM', and came to the conclusion, while there are many definitions for the word, 'TEAM', you can expand the definition to BTN. 

BTN (n) A group of individuals with different strengths and weaknesses working together to achieve a common goal.

A good team will always perform better than an individual.  Even though each person has different experiences and skill-sets, a good team offers a sounding board to take advantage of the best each has to offer.

On a team there is no room for selfishness or egos.  In a Network, sharing and giving are the formula for success.  Bound by a sense of values, we form a close knit community lifting each other up, just as you would a teammate  on the field. 

Working together as one we can achieve success easier and quicker than working individually.

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