by BTN Member Collaborative Network

Networking is not just about immediate gains; it’s about building lasting relationships.

Attending an informal, fun, and flexible networking event like BTN Building Trades Network can be a great opportunity to enjoy yourself while also profiting from referrals and valuable connections within the building trades industry. Networking with an array of trades in the building and construction industry can contribute significantly to your success by providing opportunities for professional growth, knowledge acquisition, and relationship building. The connections made at these events can have a lasting impact on your career and personal development.

Here are 10 best practices to make the most of your time at such an event:

1. Be Approachable and Friendly:
Smile, make eye contact, and be open to starting conversations. Approach others with a friendly demeanor.

2. Listen Actively:
When engaging in conversations, focus on listening to others rather than talking about yourself. Show genuine interest in their businesses and challenges.

3. Share Your Expertise:
-Offer valuable insights and tips related to your trade. Being helpful and knowledgeable can leave a positive impression.

4. Exchange Contact Information:
Collect business cards or digital contact details from those you meet. This is essential for follow-up.

5. Offer to Help Others:
If you come across someone who needs assistance or advice within your expertise, offer your help without expecting anything in return.

6. Follow Up Promptly:
After the event, reach out to your new contacts within a day or two to express your interest in continuing the conversation or collaboration.

7. Be Genuine and Authentic:
Authenticity is key. Be yourself and build connections based on trust and shared values.

8. Attend Regularly:
Consistency is crucial in networking. Attend BTN events regularly to strengthen relationships and become a familiar face.

9. Bring Value to the Group:
Offer to share your knowledge through presentations or workshops if possible. This showcases your expertise and benefits the group.

10. Leverage Online Platforms:
Connect with BTN members on professional platforms like LinkedIn to stay in touch and share industry updates.

While profiting from referrals and networking opportunities is important, don’t forget to enjoy the experience:

1. Build Friendships:
Forge genuine friendships within the network. Building relationships that go beyond business can be incredibly rewarding.

2. Learn and Grow:
Use these events as opportunities to learn from others in your industry and discover new trends and practices.

3. Celebrate Successes:
Share your achievements and milestones with the group. Celebrate your successes together.

4. Have Fun:
Enjoy the social aspect of networking. Attend social events, outings, or gatherings organized by BTN to relax and have fun.

5. Stay Positive:
Maintain a positive attitude and bring enthusiasm to the events. Positivity is contagious and can make networking more enjoyable for everyone.

By balancing these best practices for networking with genuine enjoyment and camaraderie, you can create a thriving network of referrals and friends within BTN Building Trades Network while enhancing your business’s growth and success.