General Contractor

I am a General Contractor who started in Construction in 1976 – Specializing in high end custom homes. I use the power of Xactli to help my clients to look good in front of their clients.

I am licensed in California as General Engineering Contractor (class A) – General Building Contractor (class B) – Concrete Contractor (class C-8) and Reinforcing Steel Contractor (Class C-50)

I specialize in Custom Home Building with a focus on customer service. I have built a large network of talented, creative and responsible craftsmen and women. Along the way I recognized a universal need to help homeowners better organize and collaborate their design options through final selection process so I developed

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Location: 2702 Hillside Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

CA Lic # 488698 A, B, C-8, C-50

Phone: (949) 413-3790

Paul, and McKelvey Construction, serves all of Orange County and he has earned a reputation as being a trustworthy, honesty contractor. He works with only reliable, licensed and properly insured sub-contractors, and heads the website, the Ganahl Contractors Directory, runs Formcast Concrete, and recently he began the Building Trades Network to provide residential and commercial property owners and managers a group of reliable, honest building trades professionals to service their needs.