BTN Leadership Team Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter Foreman

Duties: The Chapter Foreman is responsible for running the BTN meeting and enforcing chapter rules and policies. As the face of the chapter, they are responsible for making sure the meeting begins and ends on-time, and presenting a positive environment for both members and visitors in attendance. They are expected to arrive early to meetings, and answer any and all correspondence related to chapter business, or visitor questions, asked of them during the week.

Vice Foreman

Duties: The Vice Foreman is the right-hand of the Chapter Foreman. They are responsible for scheduling speakers, and filling in for the President as-needed. They are also responsible for maintaining attendance records, and setting leadership team meetings to discuss chapter business, including reviewing new member applications and reviewing the statistics of chapter members who performance may be called into question.

Budget Foreman

Duties: The chapter treasurer, the Budget Foreman is responsible for collecting all meeting room fees and application/membership fees from new and current members and keeping and maintaining the financial records and bank accounts for the chapter. They report on the chapter bank account to the Chapter Foreman and Vice Foreman on a monthly basis at the leadership team meeting. They are also responsible for compiling and reporting on referral and contract dollar statistics for the chapter. They must attend all scheduled Leadership Team meetings and provide the Vice Foreman with the statistics necessary to review member participation.

Membership Foreman

Duties: The Membership Foreman is responsible for making sure there are plenty of new member packets and applications available for all visitors. They are also responsible for screening all new applicants to make sure they are the right fit for the group. This includes conducting a new member interview and checking on all references given, as well as researching to make sure all licenses are up-to-date of new and current members. Reporting directly to the Vice Foreman, the Membership Foreman works hand-in-hand with the Vice Foreman to make sure all membership policies and procedures are being met and followed.

Visitor Foreman

Duties: The Visitor Foreman is responsible for setting up the meeting space, and arriving early to great and sign-in visitors. They are also responsible for introducing visitors to members and helping them understand the nature of the meeting if the have not attended in the past. The Visitor Foreman is also in charge of maintaining a visitor log of those who have attended a meeting, and following up with the visitors after the meeting and thanking them for their attendance. The Visitor Foreman reports to the group and the Vice Foreman the number of visitors each week and month, and helping the group to ensure that visitors do not visit more than 3 times without filling out a membership application.

Member Training Foreman

Duties: The Member Training Foreman is responsible for working with the Vice Foreman and Budget Foreman to make sure that each member is help accountable for being an active member of the chapter. They are responsible for working with members to help them be better referrals givers. The Member Training Foreman is also responsible for letting the Vice Foreman know when membership issues arrive so that they may arrange for a more formal training for all chapter members when necessary.

Community Service/Outreach Foreman

Duties: The Community Service and Outreach Foreman is responsible for researching community service and outreach projects for chapter members to support and be a part of. They are interface with BTN corporate on corporate outreach activities. The Community Service and Outreach Foreman also builds relationships with non-profit and community service organizations in the local area. They report to the Vice Foreman and Media Foreman to keep the chapter informed and involved in any and all projects.

Media Foreman

Duties:The Media Foreman is responsible for weekly email communications to the chapter recapping the weeks activities, events, and statistics. They are also responsible for posting on the BTN Facebook page all activities from the chapter. The Media Foreman reports directly to the Vice Foreman to gather chapter statistics for reporting.

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