Last week I talked about how networking and attitude can make the best of a down economy.  Attitude goes a long way.  But, the other side of the equation is Action.  You will find that it doesn't have to be dramatic either. 

But you have to understand that we are creatures of habit.  We are stuck in a rut so the first thing we need to do is choose to get out of the rut.  We do this with simple action. 

Here are some actions as they apply to networking.

Diversification:  In regards to networking this can be other networks or clubs or associations.  Like a building this will provide a solid foundation for your business to build on.  An example would be other networking groups.  Also, several people in this room are members of OC Association of Realtors as well as BTN. This increases your networking potential.

Work the Group: To do this you need to know the situation and use a technique that is appropriate.  Networking at a Chamber of Commerce function would be different than at a Business meeting.  A BTN Fundraiser vs. a BTN meeting would require a different approach as well.

Prepare Your Sales Force:  Yes, in essence, that is exactly what you are doing. You are teaching people how to refer you.  So you must be prepared to explain what you do.  One way to do this is practice your 30 second commercial and be prepared to give them a couple of business cards as well.

Contact Sphere:  In the networking world it refers to a group of professionals or businesses that are noncompetitive and create a symbiotic relationship.  A good example is BTN, but they don't have to be that large.   A small group such as a Baker, Photographer, Caterer, Florist, and Travel Agent, could bounce leads back and forth when it comes to weddings and graduations.

That covers attitude and action, but there is one more thing you need, consistency.  As I previously stated, we are creatures of habit.  You can choose to get out of that rut.  But it is consistency that will keep you from falling back in. 

Soon you will create a new habit building your business by word of mouth.

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