Thank you to Cari Heimos, Irvine BTN Training Foreman, for putting this information together for us!

At a networking meeting, because there is such limited time, a commercial needs to be 1 thing: Memorable. Apart from the need to exchange pleasantries, you tell other people what you do for two reasons: (1) they might have a need for your services, or (2) they might know someone else who has a need for your services. In either case, they should remember enough of what you told them so that they think of you when the need arises. To make your personal commercial memorable:

– Use an energetic group of words that leaves them wanting more!

– Avoid using industry jargon unless it’s absolutely necessary.

– Talk about benefits…what is in it for them—Ex.-“I help lawyers find ways to win more business from existing clients.”

– Speak slowly, audibly and clearly.

– Be yourself, be sincere and let your personality shine.

– Can they tell that you are truly passionate about what you do and how you help other.

– Practice the basics to perfection.

– Keep it simple. Test your personal commercial on a seven-year-old. If they can’t understand what you do, then you need to do some editing.

– Be prepared with at least two or three versions of your 30-second commercial. And change it up over time to keep interesting.

– Have a memorable tagline at the end.

And remember the primary goal of the 30-second commercial is to share how you add value to your customer’s business and life.

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