by Dominick Giambona



We have all at one time or another, offered those precious words of reassurance, “Trust Me!”   And why shouldn’t we, I do good work, you do good work.

I know that what I say I will deliver, in fact, I will do my best to over-deliver.  But the customer doesn’t know that.

You don’t hear Ronald MacDonald say, “Big Mac, Trust me!”, because the consumer knows exactly what he is going to get.

We deserve to be trusted just as much as McDonald’s.

Stanford University Professor of Organizational Behavior, Roderick Kramer, said, “Trust is hard won and easily lost, and it is that fragility of trust that is the biggest challenge ”

There are three components the consumer needs to build trust,

A – Do you have their best interest at heart?

B – Can you deliver on your promises?

C – Are you honest and genuine?

Your customer is on high alert and his radar is keyed into those three points.  To get to that trusted level you need to consistently do the following.

1 – Concentrate on doing your job very well. – Instead of worrying about being trusted, pour your time and energy into giving the best product or service as possible.

2 – Be transparent about mistakes. –  The customers can sense dishonesty and deceit.

3 – Vigilance – When you do gain that trusted company status.  You will always have to work hard to keep it.

Practicing these techniques will help you earn loyal customers, and help retire the phrase, “Trust Me!”

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