By Dominick Giambona


 First, what is a Tagline and what is its importance?

A Tagline, also known as a slogan, is a tool that is effective in communicating a brand to a market.  

It communicates a brand’s ideology, attitude and links, emotionally, the target customers with the company.

However, due to competition, Taglines are not guarantee of success. As witnessed by such industry leaders as Google and Microsoft, giants who truly dominate their market.  They are an effective way to distinguish you from you competitors.

Taglines create first impression of a company so they should be unique, effective and tell the customers about your products/ offer, why should a user buy your product from the market, how is it different from others and how do you avoid the downside?

A good tagline can cause impact if they are powerful, expressive and exceptional, now how can you write them? The following are components that make a good Tagline:

Think out of the box
Creativity leads to success because it captures the attention of people and makes them to learn more. A good tagline creates curiosity among people and raises questions in mind about the product/ offer.

Be Precise
Less is more, so keep your taglines short, concise and significant.  They will be easier to remember.

Make a promise
Brand promise is extremely important, a great tagline should reflect brand values, personality and position to make Target market understand you and support you.

Add benefits
Use single words that show the benefits of your brand, a group of three words are ideal for a good tagline.

Take care of the hitch
Marketing people use as Domino’s as an example all the time, “Fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes or its free” It is not always done in a tagline, but it makes it really strong.

Connect tagline to company’s name and logo
Taglines deliver the essence of brand so it should have a reflection of your brand signature or logo

Some Powerful taglines:

Because the earth needs a good lawyer, Earth Justice
Nokia Connecting people
Diamond is Forever, DeBeers
In service to great ideas, Community Initiatives
Just Do it, Nike
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